My Qualifications and Experience

I specialize in Multiples (Twins/Triplets), but will work with a Single baby. I've worked with hundreds of families throughout the New York tri-state area. My services are actively rotated through Parents Groups such as Manhattan Twins Club, Brooklyn Brownstone Parents of Twins Club, Park Slope Parents, Bococa, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo Parents Group, and many more.

I have experience with Preemies, NICU babies, babies with Cleft Palate, Colick and Reflux; babies requiring use of Apnea Machines and Tracheostomy tubes, and I am CPR and First Aid trained and certified. I also offer assistance to moms with breastfeeding and lactation issues.  


My Team are very experienced  and also are trained  and certified..

What does a Newborn Specialist  do

Many first time mothers should know the standard services of a Newborn Specialst (Babynurse) We offer 24hrs, 12hrs and 10 hr shifts. 

24hr Babynurse:

24 hr Babynurses live with the family and take care of everything pertaining  to the baby / babies and assist new mothers adjust to their new role as a mother.  A  live in babynurse does babies laundry, sheets,bottles,teaches parents to bathe, documents babies progress and help with Schedules and Sleep Schedules .A 24hr babynurse needs sleep as well. Our nurses take 4 to 5 hrs Break a day to rest.The time can be negotiated between babynurse and mom. 


We arrive in the evening and leave in the morning. We generally do not do household chores, but we clean all the bottles that are used during the night and help you get ready for the morning feeding before leaving. A Night Nurse documents your babies' progress and gets them on a schedule that works for both the parents and the baby. 

Night nurses are great if you have been going at it alone for awhile and would like a few nights to catch up on your sleep, or if you would rather not have someone in your home 24 hours a day. There are 2 shifts. 12hr shift and 10 hrs.